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4.6 ( 2736 ratings )
Utilitários Desporto
Developer: Gergely Bihary

SailLog helps you become a better sailor.

A good sailor writes a sailing diary, so should you. This way you can look back at your performance and see where you need to improve. With this app you can create and manage your diary, keep every detail, note every change in wind. You wont choose the wrong side anymore!

Connect with your coach and get their approval. Your coach will be able to see and review your trainings online when they register in SailLog Coach.

Do you really know how much a sail is used? In the Sails menu you can see every hour that your sail was hoisted. This is handy when you need to decide which one to take to the regatta.

Manage jobs that need to be done on your boat. If you are forgetful, you can set up notifications so you wont forget what needs to be done to keep your boat in top condition.

The statistics page helps you see your trainings in context. Did you sail more in strong or light winds? How are your sails doing, are they still in good condition? How happy are you with your upwind performance? The answers are all here!

With the Map function you can see where youve sailed on a nice big map. How many seas can you collect?

Icons seen in the app are from:, origami boat created by Tinashe Mugayi.